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McDonalds Paragliding Challenge - Results

McDonalds Paragliding Challenge


We had a great flying weekend with Saturday being mixed conditions from light scratchy and then gusty and strong wind followed by light conditions. The dedication of the new pilots was amazing as they gave it everything they had to complete the tasks and all the pilots commented on how much they learnt from this experience. We opened the window at 11 h00 and had the pilots flying until 17h00 to try and squeeze the last few points out of the day. Some of the highlights was a student, Dave Mclenegan, who flew very well with only 23 flights and managed 3 turn points another performer was Mark Sofianos who with only 160 flights won the big boys league for over 200 flights. Overall I was impressed with the skills and dedication of those who took part. There were a few locals who did not take part and we hope they can join us next time having fun while increasing their experience.

I encourage all local to actively support your club and be part of the flying community we need your support and you will bring value to the sport and your flying experience.

We flew on Sunday for league points and conditions became quite good with some nice flights and good height gain those that stayed later in the afternoon found doing the tasks was  quite easy. We had two pilots not taking part fly with their mean machines almost to Kynsna, well done Jay Van Deventer and Khoubi Bowden.

Please all pilots send us your Sunday results so we can log them for the league.

Cheers and once again thanks for Mc Donalds and Mark and Taryn Groenewald for making this possible.


The results were as follows:



1)      Dave McLeneghan

2)      Jim Sherwood

3)      Rose Bilborough


Senior Geezers 55+

1)      Wim Kiewiek

2)      Bernard Strydom

3)      Dave McLeneghan



1)      Rose Bilborough


Under 200

1)      Urs Hunziker

2)      Danie Henning, Harold Hilbert

3)      Malcolm Donald


Over 200

1)      Mark Sofianos

2)      Deon Borrett

3)      Ettiene Giani


McDonalds Paragliding Challenge - Upcoming

McDonalds Paragliding Challenge

Date: 28th – 31st March 2013

Venue: Sedgeview – Sedgefield
Competition Days: 29th 30th with Sunday as spare for bad weather. Window opens 10h30 Daily.
ENTRY FEE: R200, includes T-shirt or cap as stocks last and Mc Donalds meal voucher.
As part of the Slow Festival; Skywings is hosting their new Competition the Mc Donalds Paragliding Challenge that will be the premier Interclub Competition Event that will concentrate as usual on fun and skill development for novice and pilots who want to have fun and improve their skills.
The Mc Donalds Paragliding Challenge will take place twice a year with the 2nd leg in November 2013 most likely last weekend in November. This will be run for at least three years and most likely many more.
We invite all Paragliders from the North (JHB) and South (CT) to come and give Skywings a challenge. There will be an Inter-Club Cup for the best overall points of the Club and the best Team made up of 4 pilots male or female.
Categories will be:
Novice -  Best Novice male or female
Pilots under 200 flights
Pilots over 200 flights (open)
Senior Geezers –any pilot older than 55
Please need to attend prize giving to get medals and trophies.
Strictly NO – Competition Wings
And handicap of 10 points for any DHV 2-3 (EN D wings)
Competition will be usual format with Turn Points in and around Sedgefield with open distance task afterwards.
Specials at Flyers Lodge Kleinkrantz R120-00 per person with breakfast.
Cloudbase Paragliding also will have specials.
Transport can be arranged.
Competition Registration:
Registration will be at the Links Cafe, Sedgefield from 6pm - 8pm on Thursday or the following day from 8am - 9am on site. Scoring will be from 6pm - 8pm on Friday and 5pm - 7pm on Saturday.
PRIZE GIVING and Party with meal at Links Café at 20h00 Live Music to be arranged.

Serpentine and almost Rheenendal


Serpentine to Rheenendal Serpentine to Rheenendal Serpentine to Rheenendal


On the 27th of January Deon Borrett flew from Serpentine and ended up 4km short of Rheenendal, flying a 28km direct line.

Serpentine to Sedgefield


Serpentine to Sedgefield Serpentine to Sedgefield

Laurent Frigorifix flys from Serpentine to Sedgefield take off. The first guy to fly Sedgefield take off and beyond


Sedgefield to Serpentine to Gerrickes


New record of 40km set by Laurent Frigorifix flying from Sedgefield to Serpentine to Gerrickes point.