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Mossel Bay sites closed

Mossel bay sites are closed please be patient while we get consent of use from the Municipality of Mossel bay .

Skywings update 2015

Hi guys please note that all sites are FREE except Brenton on Sea TOP LAUNCH and Serpentine as well as Goosevalley (when its open) . You need to pay Skywings membership or donation to Skywings through site access system in place  . The Renewal date runs from the 1 November 2015 – 1 November 2016 . So those that need to update there memberships can pay Deon Borrett (for now until we get our Secretary back from project ) and monies are used to pay for site upgrades and maintenance . Please guys don’t fly these sites without paying as we paying thousands of rand a year to keep them open . We also raising funds to sort out Hartenbos and Dana Bay sites with the Municipality . Every Pilot must pay R100-00 we not negotiation with groups for better rates quite frankly its very cheap and we need the funds to develop other sites .


We have promise of donations to the club by various donors and some have been super generous and we thank them for there good work .


We are looking to remove some lamps at beach hotel and replace with low and safer option lighting . We also moving the benches and the dustbin to increase safety . R1500-00(estimates)

Kleinkrantz Car Park we need to cut grass every three months and also put in measures to prevent erosion on tracks .Top soil and grass needed .R 3500-00 (estimates)

Kleinkrantz Dune we need to cut grass and lay down some topsoil to flatten area of launch . R 3000-00 (estimates)

Brenton clearing vegetation that grows yearly.

Goose Valley road totally overgrown . ( estimate is big number )

Uplands the guys over that site are doing good work we need to offer some compensation or help them improve that site .

New sites we have established a new northerly site near Knysna thanks to Danie and the gang .

Mossel bay sites approval by Municipality with the process and adverts costing running into the R 5000-00 mark

Brenton on Sea R 6000-00 per year rental from Investec .

Serpentine maintenance and grass clearing around R 4000- R6000-00 depends on how much clearing needs to be done yearly as we have lots of young pines growing riot up the hill.


In general good things are happening to our area and we hope all pilots can enjoy and respect the work that is done for the benefit of all free flying pilots . We would like to invite all pilots to Flyers Lodge for a social meeting and bring and braai and informal discussion on how to improve the flying sites .November 18th 2015 at 18h00 Kleinkrantz Flyers Lodge.


Thanks to all for the support

Keep safe and reach for the sky .

Upgrades to Launch sites

Upgrades to sites on the Wilderness Coast been going on over last few months to improve safety and ease of landing and launching . Kleinkrantz sites have seen marked improvement .

Skywings launch site improvements

Skywings Launch Sites upgrades .


We are busy improving and upgrading some of our sites as we have improved year on year . We plan to improve all the Wilderness Dune launches which inlcudes Kleinkrantz Dune , Klainkrantz Car park and Beach Hotel . We also have a big project in mind for the winter site of Goosevalley . This takes team work and effort and we have some new members that are now motivated to create great sites . We are doing this for the benfit of the whole community and not just club members as most of our sites are for free .

Skywing Paragliding Club AGM 2015

Skywings Paragliding Club AGM 13 March 2015 at Locals Milkwood Village 18h30


Any pilot who stays within the Garden Route has a right to join and vote as long as they have paid there Club fees .


Nominations : Can be emailed 24 hours or hand delivered 30 minutes before meeting starts .


Please all members and those that want to join the club please attend and vote .


Thanks to all 

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