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George Peak

Skywings Club Members Only. Please apply for membership before flying this site.

Application forms available at:
Wilderness Hydro and Spa,
Fynboskruin - Sedge Links Golf Course.
George Peak paragliding site is situated next to the George Communication tower above the town of George in the Garden Route. The site was discovered and test flown by Johnnie and Deon Borrett who got the initial agreements in place that was ratified by the Skywings Club and the relevant landowners. The site is about 70-80m above the landing zone which forms a ledge, but the site sits about 300m from the valley below. The problem at the moment is that the plantation forest growth has put landing zone in rotor and shadow and makes for tricky landings. The site has delivered some nice flights and has immense XC potential. Access is through the gate and permission must be arranged with Cape Nature. At present the site is not really used in favour of Tolberg. Skywings used to have an annual hike and fly off George Peak launching just below the peak. This has now stopped due to the path becoming overgrown and conservation has moved the path to a much longer route.

Grading: Basic 200 flights with 5 sign offs.

Height: 70m 360 ASL

Wind direction and speed: 10-25 km SE S SW

GPS coordinates:  33°54'25.25"S   22°27'36.24"E

Records: No official records yet, but flights of 20-30km have been done by club members, so come and make your mark and fly some distance.

Contact: Skywings Site Liason.