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Skywings paraglidng club started about 20 years ago as the Wilderness Paragliding club but the name was changed to Skywings aorund 15 years ago. The club has seen good growth in the last few years and is now the biggest club in South Africa. Many new sites have been discovered over the 15 year period and the club has maintained and saved many sites from all types of changes and threats.


The club has a great future ahead of itself and can be proud of all the past achievements.



Skywings legends

One of the great pilots of the club is Leon Steenhuizen; he may not fly that often today, but in his haydey was one of the most respected pilots in South Africa. A quite unassuming man with a quirky sense of humour. Flying was one of his true passions and it showed in his results in the National Competition league. Leon Steenhuizen was placed in the top 10 in National rankings for a few years even though he was at a big disadvantage having not flown in regular big thermal flying conditions.


He is respected by the old gaurd as being a gentleman firstly and for his flying skills with a DHV 2 wing while all the pilots around him were flying competition wings. Great pilot and great dude, now if we just get him out of retirement he could teach the new blood a trick or two.