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Brenton on Sea Paragliding Launch site


Skywings Club Members Only. Please apply for membership before flying this site. 
Application forms available at: Contact Skywings Paragliding Club membership run from 1 November 2014 -2015 R100-00

Wonderful site just outside of Knysna, good for student training. High dune overlooking beach and bay. There are two launch sites the high launch which faces more S-SW but can at times be flown in SSE. On good days one can fly to East Knysna Head but one must be careful not to get trapped and be forced to land at beach with high tide.

The lower take off is good when the wind is stronger and more west but be careful of benches and other obsticals. This is the premier paragliding lauch site in Knysna. Great launch site for tandem flights as can see the whole Brenton Bay of Knysna.

Flying in westerly or light winds and getting trapped on cliffs to east with no landing and landing in surf
Gust fronts, strong wind keep eye on sea at all times land when using speedbar for long periods.
No students from lower launch area.
No littering or fires. Don't damage vegetation.
Altitude: +/-60m
Site Grading:
Student under supervision
Wind Direction:
S-SW 15 - 25 Km/h
Season: All Year
Direction: use site guide
GPS Coordinates:  34° 4'23.89"S   23° 1'8.54"E




Skywings Club Members Only. Please apply for membership before flying this site.
Application forms available at:
Wilderness Hydro and Spa,
Fynboskruin - Sedge Links Golf Course.

Site is situated at the scenic village of Buffels Bay good for surfing & swimming. The Launch site is near the parking bays but there are two near the houses but caution as mistakes can hurt.

Site is tricky as low dune take-offs need strong wind to get airborne. When you can't stand on the beach with glider above and going backwards don't fly.

NO STUDENTS from this site.
You take off in front of houses’ lawns so be courteous.
Don’t land among bathers.
Don’t take off on conservation dune.
Altitude: 10 - 70m
Danger: Strong gust and been blown into buildings or over back of ridge .
Site Grading: Basic with 10 sign-off tricky area
Wind Direction: E-SE 20 - 30 Km/h
Season: Summer
Direction: use site map
GPS Coordiantes:  34° 5'9.29"S   22°58'26.59"E