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Louvain Paragliding Launch Site


Skywings Club Members Only. Please apply for membership before flying this site.
Application forms available at:
Wilderness Hydro and Spa,
Fynboskruin - Sedge Links Golf Course.

The site is on the land of Louvain 4x4 track and one must contact the owner before flying as well as pay R20-00 per pilot access fee. The site is about 70 metres high and one must walk up to the launch and launch from any area suitable. With the discovery of Goose Valley site not used as much except when pilots have no driver then they can fly and land by car. It's also used as re-launch area if you have not made the crossing during an XC flight.


GPS coordinates:  33°48'45.49"S   22°39'45.19"E

Grading: Basic with 5 sign offs.

Height: 70m 

Wind Speed and Direction: North, NW, NE 15-25km/h

Dangers: Strong wind gradient and getting blown over ridges. Venturi between valleys.

Special Rules: Dont land amongst stock, especially Ostriches. Speak to landowner before arriving.