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Cloud 9 the beginning

1998 the club got a call from John Collins new pilot and a adventurer living in Sedgefield and he explaned that he had found a new site and it was weird as he just went up and up and was very high and he could not really understand what was going on . At this time there were only ridge soaring sites and thermal sites were only on the mountains . The club sent a few senior pilots and we then established Cloud 9 and found to our amazement that there were strong thermal not far from the sea . This site was a small patch about 20 m by 20 m with a big tree and power line directly behind . If you could top land without killing yourself you were worthy to get your sports license .


Cloud 9

Andy Sittig and Deon Borrett  in the year 1999 snuck out of work eager to fly as it was hot and sunny and we raced down to the old Cloud 9 site and quickly launched and were into very strong climbs and when about 50 m -100m above take of would encounter turbulence and have the glider all over the place . We flew for about 20 minutes but it was becoming scary and weird so we top landed with extreme difficulty and headed home . When we drove down the back of the hill we felt the wind blowing quite strongly from the North !



A group of Skywings pilots used to attend most of National Competitions and we all headed to Paulpietersburg in North KZN for a lekker competition . Andy Sittig was a instructor and senior pilot but also admitted he felt uncomfortable when he got very high . He felt he had a fear of heights , extreme heights . So he asked Stef Junker the Clown to hypnotise him and put some sublimal suggestion technique to relax his fear . The very next day Adny Sittig was flying and hit the mother of the thermal of the day on set the new site height record of 3600 m above take of . He had a photo of a small plane flying 500 m below his legs .Talk about the power of suggestion !