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Jaques Paragliding Launch Site

 Please pay owner before flying this site . Owner lives on site .

  Jacques Launch Site                   Jacques Place

The site is owner run but falls under Skywings Paragliding Sites with matters relating to safety and regulations. All visiting pilots must pay R50-00 per person, per day to fly this site. Local commercial schools should pay R1000-00 per year to use this site. It's a great site and has a lapa where one can braai and socialise after a days flying.


Site is around 40 meters high and is good to launch when winds are a bit light for Kleinkrantz and is easier for students and low airtime pilots to launch to access Paradise ridge. One should not attempt top landing or flying when the wind is east as sudden turbulence and windshadow effect can make flying and landing treachorous.


Jacques Muskat contact: 0829577806

  GPS Coordinates:  34° 0'28.56"S   22°40'8.09"E




Kleinkrantz Car Park Launch Site


Skywings Club Site. Open site please read rules before flying .All pilots welcome to use it for FREE please if you notice the work and improvements donate some money to club for future developments .You must be a SAHPA member before flying the site .

This site is at the public car park and on Eden Council Property. It's a great site to launch safely and get onto the ridge to Beach Hotel Launch site. The ridge is around 4 km long and is a favourite of the locals as there is no sand but a grassy area and it's easy to walk to cars. This site is just for fun lovers so no commercial Tandems or Training allowed.

SAHPA license for forerign and local pilots alike.
Don’t trample dunes or disturb bird-life. No student Training from top 2 sites use the parking lot for students. No commercial Tandems decision up for review in 2013.


Altitude: +/-30m
Site Grading: Basic
Wind Direction:
S-SW 15 - 30 Km/h
Season: All year

Direction: Use site map

GPS coordinates: 34° 0'12.56"S  22°38'45.55"E



Contact Bruce Watney: 082 412 6858




SA Paragliding Adventures

                              Tandem Flights | Training





Kleinkrantz Dune Paragliding Site


Skywings Club Site .Open site to all pilots . Please obey rules and we are busy with upgrading of site any doantions welcome .

Wilderness Village, low dunes, possible to fly to Paradise Ridge. The sites of Kleinkrantz are west and east of Kleinkrantz village and in the center is the famous Kleinkrantz Village which is walking distance to both sites. The Kleinkrantz Dunes is used by many shcools as their main training site for new students. It's ideal as it has soft sandy dunes with the perfect slope for short flights. Kleinkrantz Dunes is also one of the best sites for Tandem paragliding flights as one can launch from a low site and fly to the majestic Paradise ridge. One of the best sites in Wilderness to have soaring fun and to relax and check out the marine life.



Skywings members only please get your membership at the Wilderness Hydro and Spa and put sticker on helmet .

Don’t trample dunes or disturb bird-life.


Altitude: +/-30m

Site Grading: Student under Supervision of Rated Instructor .
Wind Direction:
S-SW 15 - 30 Km/h
Season: All year
Direction: use site map

Dangers: Not watching wind lines on sea and getting blown over back of ridge.


GPS coordinates: 34° 0'20.79"S  22°39'33.27"E





Flyers Lodge

Flyers Lodge, Wilderness



Map of Africa paragliding launch site

Map of Africa Paragliding Site

(Not a Skywings Site , adminstered by Cloudbase Paragliding on behalf of the owner)









This was originally a hangliding site before the days of paragliding. The site is a grassy launch which is easy to launch from and good for students as they can ridge soar quite safely as well as land on the beach below. It's possible to top land but not for new pilots without some supervision. The name comes from the view point of Map of Africa which lies about 30m away. The site is near the tourist town-village of Wilderness. Student rated site .


The owners of house to the right and left of launch have made complaints about privacy issues. We decided to try accommodating their requests so avoid loitering directly in front of their houses or flying low over their roofs and keep a reasonable distance of between 20-30m for the westerly positioned house at the beacon (from take-off the house right). The houses to the EAST of Launch will have a minimum of 40m. If the landowners gesture or shout fly away politely and report this to the club.


Holiday landing beyond the rocky line on the beach, in other words away from the main beach towards the east. Beach has Blue flag status so even more sensitive. Don’t land among beach goers. 


Contact ATC: 044 876 9210 before flying


MapJumpClub members only

Visit for information and membership application.


Altitude: 150m

Site Grading: Student under Supervision of Rated Instructor .
Wind Direction:
SE S 15 - 25 Km/h
Season: All year
Direction: use site map

Dangers : Strong gusts of wind and getting trapped and then blown over the  back . There are power lines nearby .Taking of in a SW wind can lead to flying into rotor and landing in trees.

GPS coordinates:  33°59'46.69"S   22°33'57.82"E


Records: It's possible to fly from here towards Serpentine and back, beyond on southerly thermic day. Deon Borrett and Johnnie Borrett have flown from Map of Africa to Beach Hotel using the coastal route. It has been done a few times using the back route or XC thermic route to Serpentine then across.




Serpentine Paragliding Launch Site


Skywings Club Members Only. Please apply for membership before flying this site.
Application forms available at:
Wilderness Hydro and Spa,
Fynboskruin - Sedge Links Golf Course.

Serpentine launch site is a brilliant thermic site overlooking the famous Ebb and Flow nature reserve. The name comes from the Serpentine river which lies below. This site delivers great scenic flying over Wilderness east and one can fly and land on the beach when it gets high enough to fly over, normally 300m will do. It's one of the few sites we have where XC can be done. The views when flying towards Sedgefield and Knysna are amazing as one flies over Island lake and the Groenvlei lakes. You can also fly to the Map of Africa 5km another site. This site was discovered and pioneered by Andy Sittig, Deon Borrett and Johnnie Borrett and it proved to be a great site with wonderful flights from there. The club refurbished the house for its kitchen and toilet facilities spending close to R 20-000 and also made a braai area but all the fittings and alterations have been reclaimed by the owner and he is breaking down the bulidings.


Access is through coded gate, contact the club don’t climb over fence. Landing at Ebb and Flow is allowed but the main landing is the Island lake and the piece of land next the road opposite the Polo fields. Don’t land in Polo fields or any of surrounding fields due to the horses.



Max ATO: 305m

Skywings Club site


Records: Johnnie Borrett was the first pilot to fly to Karatra about 25km away. Then Martin Backsak flew to Sedgefield. Quite a few flights have gone to the mountains behind and Deon Borrett landed just short of George. The potential is much bigger 50km- 100km flight is possible.


Laurent Figorix : Glider R11 . 56 km Flight to Sedgefield and back to Map of Africa then to Gerrickes point . 


Altitude: 165m ASL
Site Grading: Basic 100 flights with 5 sign off by senior pilot.
Basic with 10 sign-off
Wind direction speed: SE/S/SW 10-25 km
Season: Spring, Summer

Launch site GPS coordinates:  33°58'57.50"S   22°36'55.82"E

Ebb & Flow Landing GPS coordinates:  33°59'21.42"S   22°36'33.57"E

Island Lake Landing GPD coordinates:  33°59'23.30"S   22°38'4.30"E


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