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Kleinkrantz Car Park Launch Site


Skywings Club Site. Open site please read rules before flying .All pilots welcome to use it for FREE please if you notice the work and improvements donate some money to club for future developments .You must be a SAHPA member before flying the site .

This site is at the public car park and on Eden Council Property. It's a great site to launch safely and get onto the ridge to Beach Hotel Launch site. The ridge is around 4 km long and is a favourite of the locals as there is no sand but a grassy area and it's easy to walk to cars. This site is just for fun lovers so no commercial Tandems or Training allowed.

SAHPA license for forerign and local pilots alike.
Don’t trample dunes or disturb bird-life. No student Training from top 2 sites use the parking lot for students. No commercial Tandems decision up for review in 2013.


Altitude: +/-30m
Site Grading: Basic
Wind Direction:
S-SW 15 - 30 Km/h
Season: All year

Direction: Use site map

GPS coordinates: 34° 0'12.56"S  22°38'45.55"E



Contact Bruce Watney: 082 412 6858




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