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Map of Africa paragliding launch site

Map of Africa Paragliding Site

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This was originally a hangliding site before the days of paragliding. The site is a grassy launch which is easy to launch from and good for students as they can ridge soar quite safely as well as land on the beach below. It's possible to top land but not for new pilots without some supervision. The name comes from the view point of Map of Africa which lies about 30m away. The site is near the tourist town-village of Wilderness. Student rated site .


The owners of house to the right and left of launch have made complaints about privacy issues. We decided to try accommodating their requests so avoid loitering directly in front of their houses or flying low over their roofs and keep a reasonable distance of between 20-30m for the westerly positioned house at the beacon (from take-off the house right). The houses to the EAST of Launch will have a minimum of 40m. If the landowners gesture or shout fly away politely and report this to the club.


Holiday landing beyond the rocky line on the beach, in other words away from the main beach towards the east. Beach has Blue flag status so even more sensitive. Don’t land among beach goers. 


Contact ATC: 044 876 9210 before flying


MapJumpClub members only

Visit for information and membership application.


Altitude: 150m

Site Grading: Student under Supervision of Rated Instructor .
Wind Direction:
SE S 15 - 25 Km/h
Season: All year
Direction: use site map

Dangers : Strong gusts of wind and getting trapped and then blown over the  back . There are power lines nearby .Taking of in a SW wind can lead to flying into rotor and landing in trees.

GPS coordinates:  33°59'46.69"S   22°33'57.82"E


Records: It's possible to fly from here towards Serpentine and back, beyond on southerly thermic day. Deon Borrett and Johnnie Borrett have flown from Map of Africa to Beach Hotel using the coastal route. It has been done a few times using the back route or XC thermic route to Serpentine then across.