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Serpentine Paragliding Launch Site


Skywings Club Members Only. Please apply for membership before flying this site.
Application forms available at:
Wilderness Hydro and Spa,
Fynboskruin - Sedge Links Golf Course.

Serpentine launch site is a brilliant thermic site overlooking the famous Ebb and Flow nature reserve. The name comes from the Serpentine river which lies below. This site delivers great scenic flying over Wilderness east and one can fly and land on the beach when it gets high enough to fly over, normally 300m will do. It's one of the few sites we have where XC can be done. The views when flying towards Sedgefield and Knysna are amazing as one flies over Island lake and the Groenvlei lakes. You can also fly to the Map of Africa 5km another site. This site was discovered and pioneered by Andy Sittig, Deon Borrett and Johnnie Borrett and it proved to be a great site with wonderful flights from there. The club refurbished the house for its kitchen and toilet facilities spending close to R 20-000 and also made a braai area but all the fittings and alterations have been reclaimed by the owner and he is breaking down the bulidings.


Access is through coded gate, contact the club don’t climb over fence. Landing at Ebb and Flow is allowed but the main landing is the Island lake and the piece of land next the road opposite the Polo fields. Don’t land in Polo fields or any of surrounding fields due to the horses.



Max ATO: 305m

Skywings Club site


Records: Johnnie Borrett was the first pilot to fly to Karatra about 25km away. Then Martin Backsak flew to Sedgefield. Quite a few flights have gone to the mountains behind and Deon Borrett landed just short of George. The potential is much bigger 50km- 100km flight is possible.


Laurent Figorix : Glider R11 . 56 km Flight to Sedgefield and back to Map of Africa then to Gerrickes point . 


Altitude: 165m ASL
Site Grading: Basic 100 flights with 5 sign off by senior pilot.
Basic with 10 sign-off
Wind direction speed: SE/S/SW 10-25 km
Season: Spring, Summer

Launch site GPS coordinates:  33°58'57.50"S   22°36'55.82"E

Ebb & Flow Landing GPS coordinates:  33°59'21.42"S   22°36'33.57"E

Island Lake Landing GPD coordinates:  33°59'23.30"S   22°38'4.30"E