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Wilderness Beach Hotel Paragliding site


Skywings Club Site : Please read and obey rules for you own safety . Any donations to the club will be welcome for upgrading of the sites .
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Grassy take-off next to the hotel, favoured ridge soaring site as it's so easy to access and fun to fly.

Extremely sensitive site, fly responsibly. One of the best ridge soaring sites in Wilderness.




NO STUDENTS to be launched from this site Basic 50 flights with 3 sign off's .

Dont fly within 10 meters of the Waves Hotel as management not happy when you ridge soar their bedroom suites. To the west is a house on the end of the dune, please don't fly past there as owner has privacy issues. Don't topland if you dont have the skills, rather land on the beach. Great site for Tandem paragliding flights




Brian Turner 31km, flew just short of Goukamma river mouth. He was blown over back and landed about 1 km west of river.

Deon Borrett 32 km  flew to the end of Dune about 20 m short of river. About 10 different pilots have done this feat.

Flight to NSRI and back is quite common in the old days before Mr Martins.

Deon Borrett flew from Beach Hotel to Paradise ridge and then from there to Sedgefield and from Sedgefield to Karata for a long flight of over 5 hours to claim 38 km flight.


Dangers: Strong wind launches getting dragged into buildings. Being caught out by strong gust and being blown over into cars or buildings.


Altitude: +/-30m
Site Grading: Basic with 10 sign off
Wind Direction: S-SW 15 - 30 Km/h
Season: All year
Direction: use site map

GPS Coordinates: 33°59'57.93"S   22°36'50.51"E





Wilderness Beach Hotel